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5 Benefits of One On One private coaching
Posted on 20/11/2019

Tossing up whether or not to book a session with one of our coaches? Or wondering what the benefits will be for your child? We've come up with 5 benefits of our private coaching to help ease your mind! 


Positive effect on overall health. Research has shown that active children have a reduced risk of health complications such as disbetes, high blood pressue, heart diseas and obesity. Further to this, playing football can provide kids an opportunity to improve their agility, strength, speed, eye-hand coordination, and their overall cardiovascular endurance.


Forming relationships. One On One sessions provide you with a great opportunity to connect with coaches. Many of our coaches are currently involved in other areas of the football industry, so training with them can be the perfect time to start building up your network. Group sessions also allow further opportuntiy for developing relatonships and friendships with other aspiring footballers, and potential teammates. 


The importance of discipline. If you're considering private coaching, you're already halfway there. If you are really wanting to take your game to the next level, regardless of what level that is- it's going to require the discipline to work harder and do more than what those around you are dong. 


Learning new skills. Our coaches aim to provide you with new drills, feedback and information that will hopefully be different from what you are doing in your regular training sessoins at your club, helping to build new skills you wouldn't otherwise develop. 


Mental Perseverance. Learning new skills can be  challenging, but a rewarding process. This will teach valuable skills and lessons that will benefit you not just in football, but also in life. Having the mental perseverance to continue working when a session becomes difficult is of key importance when it comes to game day- the ability to keep working for longer than those around you. 


Help your child become more physically and mentally fit by bookingbthem a football coaching session today. One on One Football provides football training drills, training under one of our AFL accredited coaches. Book an AFL coach now.

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