3 Football Training Drills To Try
Posted on 24/02/2020

Australian Rules Football requires a unique set of skills that are unlike any other sport in the world. Here at One on One Football, we aspire to help you best prepare for when the AFL season starts. We've put together some football training drills you can do this pre-season to keep your skills sharp.




Warm-up drills are essential to avoid injuries in the future. Grab a friend or perhaps hire a One on One Football coach to help you. You could also kick into a net or concrete wall if you have access to one. As a general rule of thumb, build your warm up from low intensity to high intensity movement (i.e. stationary kicks / jogging kicks / running kicks) as well as distance of your kick (i.e. start with a 15metre kick/ progress to a 25 metre kick/ then to a 40 metre kick and so on). You can practice your ball handballing, kicking and marking with this principle. 




This drill is a great way to develop kicking accuracy while under pressure and in traffic. Set out any number of cones or other obstacles about 5 metres in front of you. Run through the ‘minefield’ of cones, stepping over or around the obstacles before kicking to a teammate further down the field. To make the drill harder, challenge yourself to kick while you are still in the ‘minefield.’ The more variation you can add to this drill the better!




This drill is a great way to develop match fitness and skills under fatigue. Split your group of teammates into 2x teams - make sure one team has an outnumber (2v3 or 4v6 etc.). The team with the extra player(s) is the attacking team, the outnumbered team are the defenders. All players must stay inside the 50m arc, using the painted lines as the boundary. Set a timer for 3 minutes and see if the offensive team can keep possession of the ball for the entire time. 

Rules are:


1.) Kicks only (no handpasses).

2.) Marks are paid.

3.) If the ball hits the ground, the timer stops and the defensive team gets the ball.

4.) If the ball goes out of bounds, the timer stops and the defensive team gets the ball.


Are you having a hard time doing these football training drills on your own? Here at One on One Football, we have the most experienced AFL coaches near you to help you shape your football skills or even make your skills sharper when the season hits. Contact a coach now and be the AFL star that you're meant to be. 

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