One on One Football Help & Online Assistance

How we work

Is One on One Football for a particular age group or level of football ability?

No, we cater for all ages, genders and ability levels, from Auskick level to national representatives. We have completed sessions from the ages of 6 to 45 years old at all different development levels. We believe the earlier you can start the better. Our coaches believe the younger the footballer is the easier it is to develop a certain skill of the game. In saying that, it is never too late to learn.

What are the prices for a coaching session?

All of our coaches charge different prices based on experience and accreditation levels.

How long do the sessions go for?

The prices are based on 1 hour sessions. However, some of our coaches are known to have gone over an hour from time to time if they feel like they haven’t covered off everything off in the session.

How do I edit/cancel a session if it is past the session time?

Once the session has been requested and accepted, the session is expected to take place as per the details that were scheduled. If there was a last minute cancellation and the session time has passed, you can organise with the coach to re-schedule the session by messaging them directly as you would have already paid for the session.

Can I call a coach directly to work out times, locations and sessions?

You certainly can, but only when the session is booked via the platform. We think that there is sufficient information on each coach’s profile page and you also can message the coach via the message portal system. We try to keep everything on the system until the first session is booked, therefore your phone number maybe hidden if you go to enter it in via the message portal if no session has been booked. Once the session is booked phone numbers can be exchanged.

Can I pay in cash?

No, our preferred payment method is via credit card. This is ensuring everything is transactional online to account for all sessions and payments. Our public liability insurance for both footballer and coach is only covered when the sessions are booked online.

Platform/System Issues

I’m trying to use the platform (book a session, view a coach, make a payment etc) and an “error page” is present. I can’t click through after this.

We sincerely apologise about this. We make changes from time to time on the system to improve your experience and sometimes errors can present themselves on the site. If you experience this, please send us an email or and we will do our best to resolve the issue you are having.

I have purchased a session and I can’t get the time and day that I want?

The reason for this is due to the coach not being available in the time that you want to do the session. Coach’s input the times and days into the calendar that they are available and these are the sessions you can book them.

I have purchased some sessions with a coach and paid for them. However, I haven’t heard anything from the coach and it is getting closer to the day of the session.

We always recommend messaging the coach before booking in a session. Our coaches are often working full time or have other jobs, they will do their best to get in touch with you asap. Once a session has been worked out via the message portal you should then request a session with the coach.

If you have requested a session and the time has lapsed for that request without the coach accepting, your session will be “Banked” back into your dashboard under “sessions”. You can then request a session for another date.

I have purchased, requested and message the coach about doing a session and haven’t heard back. What do I do?

No need to worry, we can always refund you your money. Please email us to request this refund. You can then choose another coach if you like.

Can I transfer credits between coaches?

Unfortunately you aren’t able to do this. Again, send us an email and we can refund your money, if you have paid and requested a coach and haven’t heard back anything.

What is the cancelation policy?

You have up to 2hrs before a session to cancel a session for legitimate reasons such as weather, emergency issues, sick/injured etc. We ask that you communicate this with your coach. To reschedule the session simply go to your “sessions” tab in your dashboard and go to “edit sessions” and reschedule another session.

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